**My request: Make the bar lines and beat lines clearer**

When I’m doing fine-tuning work, it’s not uncommon to work with 128th notes. At that time, the location is very difficult to grasp as it is. My hope is to clarify the vertical lines that represent the bar lines and beats when the piano roll screen is enlarged. I would like to make the vertical lines visible at a glance so that I don’t get confused about what beat I’m in when I’m fine-tuning the notes.


Were this be acted upon, I would like it to be something WE control in Preferences - colors for bar, beat, bg etc. user-selectable with some standard presets - light, dark, colorful, etc. Simple to program,


I totally agree with this request and I believe several users have mentioned it in various posts.

I just want to mention that it is my understanding that the best way to enter an official feature request is to e-mail Dreamtonics directly (note the banner at the top of the screen). Apparently, they to not actively monitor the user forum. Other users may have already e-mailed them regarding this but, you may want to e-mail them if you want to be certain that they are aware of your request.


I already made a suggestion HERE.