Hi, I can see things mentioned about monetizing but I am still unsure. I have bought the pro version of Synth V and also purchased Natalie and Kevin. AS I have purchased the pro singers and not using lite versions can I distribute my album using these voices under the TOC’s without any restrictions?

Yes, Dreamtonics voice databases allow for commercial use. There is no need for additional permission or cap on revenue.

I’ll link the full terms below, but the main restriction is that you cannot lie about how the vocals were created. You do not have to mention the software at all, but if you do choose to credit a vocalist, you have to use the correct name. For example, either do not credit the vocals at all, or add “Kevin” and “Natalie” as vocalists.

These terms apply to voices developed by Dreamtonics. Third party developers may have different terms for their products, which can always be found in the license.txt file in the installation directory.

Once again you are the saviour of all things. Thank you for such a speedy reply.