topic titles accompanied with a link


Could anyone tell me how to make a topic title accompanied with a link?
I want to make a title like the attached image, and tested several patterns but in vein.


Such titles can be seen here.


It will show that way if you use a YouTube link as the title. The video title will automatically be used as the title of the topic, and an embedded video will be shown as the main post.

I already tried both of full url and shortened one but they weren’t replaced with their title, though…
Is there any additional conditions to be applied the behavior?

This is my topic doing trial and errors.

Oh, I think you have to also leave the body blank. At least that’s how it’s worked for me in the past.

You might be able to find more information by searching Google for “Discourse featured link”

Maybe your method works only at the timing to create topic.
I tried editing as you told but there appears an alert that empty post is prohibited, so…

Any more suggestion is appriciated. Thank you!

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