How to use an older version of KevinAI?

So I’ve had a cover in my WIPs I’m really happy with, the only problem is it uses kevin 1.08 and I have him updated to 1.11 now. I’m happy to keep using 1.11 in my current and new projects but really want to roll him back for that one. is there a way to do this

Installing a new version of a voice database does not remove the ones you already have installed. Open the Voice panel and select the version you want to use.

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Good to know for future reference! Unfortunately though I had to reinstall the program some time back, so it’s not there anymore. Is there another way?

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If you still have the installer for the old version, you can run it and install the previous version.

If you don’t have the previous installer, you can download one version prior to current from Dreamtonics, though they do not keep a full version history available: Dreamtonics Download

AHS does make more past versions available, but I think to register via AHS MyPage you must have purchased the key from them (either from the AHS store directly or a retailer they sell through like DLsite). Registration might not work with a code purchased from the Dreamtonics Store.


thanks, i’ll give it a try!