Weird stuff

I haven’t posted on the forum before so excuse me if i make any mistakes.
I’ve been a fan of vocalsynths for a while now and just recently bought SynthV Studio Pro along with Yuma. Recently, something has happened where the default snapping upon opening the software is 1/8 when usually 1/4, opening recent files is not an option, occasional crashes, a pop up about data that doesnt go away after each start up and each answer, and whenever I try copying and pasting it gives me a different pop up that doesnt go away and keeps immediately flashing back after clicking my answer. I thought it was because the computer was low on space (which it is) or some SVP I downloaded messing with it or even a lite vb. But deleting stuff didn’t work. I should be able to transfer the program to a macbook around January or Feb. But right now it is on a windows pc. If anyone knows how to fix this please tell, if this is happening or has happened to any one else I don’t mind anyone saying it!! All help is appreciated.

Have you tried reinstalling the software? It sounds like it’s failing to save your settings (which includes things like recent files, and remembering popup answers), potentially due to a permissions issue. This might be fixed by running the software as administrator, or with a fresh install.

Sorry this took so long to get back. I did try running as admin and try reinstalling it. Neither worked. I’ve tried restarting the PC multiple times, which also did not work.