Smaller audio file size to Midi conversion when using the effect plugin in Studio One

Not sure if this is a bug or if anyone has experienced this or maybe I am doing something wrong but in the new beta version, if you have an audio file that is a specific length & is not the same length of your project in Studio One (it is shorter), you cannot resize the group it creates to suit the project in the DAW. For example, my project is 5 minutes long in the DAW but I use a vocal track that is say only 3 or 4 minutes long. I cannot adjust (extend) the end length of the midi file to match my project & make changes. It simply will not play past the end of the group. Not sure if anyone else has this issue.
I had to bounce the file to audio, bring it back into Studio One again & then I extended the track to the desired length. The problem is that I now have another track that I need to adjust all over again for the lyrics etc.
It seems, lesson learned - Import the vocal file, make that audio track the length you want it to be in the DAW. Then it will be easier to work with in SynthV in case you need to do more work with it.
I don’t think I experienced this behavior in the last beta build.