My feedback on the latest 1.11.0b2 version

The audio to midi with lyrics conversion is so much better in this latest beta update, but it still needs more work for it to be production ready. In Ableton the SynthV plugin doesn’t follow tempo changes. I will test the ARA support next.

Ableton does not have ARA support, so the ARA plugin and enhanced tempo/playback synchronization are not compatible with your DAW.

But that was not the playback behavior before ARA inclusion in SynthV, why has it changed?

I’m not sure what issue you’re encountering, but nothing should have changed about tempo and playback in the normal VSTi plugin when it’s used without the ARA bridge.

If you’re seeing some new issue, you should let Dreamtonics know by email: [email protected]

Well like I said before, the issue is that the SynthV plugin version(not ARA) does not follow tempo changes in the DAW. It basically stays at the same tempo, at least for me. I’m on a Mac. Are you experiencing the same issue? Thanks for the link.

For me, in FL Studio (also no ARA support yet), the tempo has never synced automatically. So for me that’s the normal behavior.

I use Mixcraft 10. It syncs the Project Tempo from Syn V, changing tempo in the DAW has no effect. There is a lit button ‘Use Project Tempo’ that won’t switch off.
Now if I change tempo from the plug-in - which has a WAV instrumental track - the instrumental plays at it’s same speed(at least for a short time, I didn’t want to break anything) but the Syn V track plays at what I have IT set to. So Mixcraft 10 will ignore tempo change unless it came from Syn V.

I assumed that tempo sync was doable in early versions being that this is something that’s doable in Vocaloid without ARA. Not a big deal though.

In earlier versions (well before ARA) it did not respond to tempo changes in Reaper.

I am having some minor issue when installing the beta versions. I keep receiving error messages that some files in the docs folder can not be deleted snd overwritten. I have to click ignore for each of them, which makes the installation process non-ideal. Once is installed it works fine, though.
Also, my reaper cant seem to find the ARA plugin. Onmy the VSTi.

I had a similar problem yesterday: I normally choose (manually) to install VST3 and not VST2 (when I can choose) or AAX or RTAS. When I installed I automatically DESELECTED (or maybe I KEEP deselected) the option for ARA, that is a different ticking box as VST or VST3 (cannot remember).

Then also remember that the ARA plugin is a VST, (or VST3, cannot remember), not a VSTi or VST3i

So it happened to me: I installed as always and the ARA was uninstalled.

Reinstall and you’ll see the ticking box I say.

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Thanks a lot, I will try that!