Synth V do not sync with other tracks

I installed the latest version of Synth V and Voice Banks. I find that Synth V do not sync with other MIDI tracks in Logic Pro. I find this issue since it was in version 1.10. Do anyone know how to solve it? I am using the Voice Banks to sing in Cantonese. Thanks!


Have you tried using the ARA bridge included with the current beta?

Sorry! I don’t know what is ARA bridge. Would you tell me more or provide a link to read on? Thanks!

Part of the current beta version is ARA support. ARA is a protocol which gives plugins more information about the project, meaning greatly improved tempo and playback synchronization.

If you are using Logic Pro on an x86 system or with Rosetta mode, you can use the new ARA Bridge functionality. Some other DAWs have even greater integration using this new protocol (“Full ARA Mode”), but Logic Pro still benefits from the synchronization improvements.

You can get the current beta here:

And there are instructions from Dreamtonics here (scroll down to the “How to set up the ARA Bridge” section, which shows a Logic Pro example):

Thank you so much!