New product demonstrations available from Dreamtonics for every AI voice

Dreamtonics has revamped the “Meet our voices” section on their website. You can now click the play button beside any AI voice database to listen to a short excerpt of a Dreamtonics demo song performed by the chosen virtual singer.

You can try it out for yourself by scrolling down on the Synthesizer V Studio page: Synthesizer V | Dreamtonics株式会社

The controls at the bottom let you choose between demo songs (bottom middle) and vocal modes (bottom right), making it very easy to preview the differences between each vocal mode and cross-lingual capabilities.

These samples are provided in isolation (no instrumental), and without any manual adjustments that we would normally see in a finished demo. This means they use default sing/rap mode pitch curves, no retakes, no parameter automation, and only the selected vocal mode setting. In this sense they present the default/baseline capabilities of the voice database in a sort of “plug-and-play” manner.


Expected just an updated UI but holy…

大量かつ同一条件のデモが追加されたのは非常に良い事ですが、一部の中国語音源が入手困難な問題は未解決なままです……Minus…… :sob:
dreamtonics storeで全製品を売ってくれればいいのに。(一番良いのはAHSが全製品を売る事ですが)