My Ideal Vocalist

I feel that there are no female vocalists who can sing in a rock style among the voices currently released.

I have tried to purchase a variety of songs, but most of them seem to have a calm voice, and if possible, I would like to see you pick up female vocalists with strong voices.

What do you do when you make a rock song?

If it is a problem that can be solved by adjustment, please let me know how to solve it.

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I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, so sorry if I’m wrong.

Could you provide an example of what you mean by “rock”? It’s a pretty broad category.

It’s true, there’s aren’t really any female voices like Ninezero, but perhaps someone can suggest something.

claire noted that all the voices have demos in multiple language showing all the vocal modes.

Scroll down on this page.

You might want to check out Yumenokessho ROSE, although I believe there are EULA restrictions on the voice that exceed what is typical with other voices.

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I hope I’m allowed to put this link to a youtube video of someone who did a pretty amazing job with Solaria covering Paramore. You won’t get so much in the way of a gritty, gruff vocal but the power can be there. There’s also a song I heard with Solaria singing over metal and it sounded amazing. Kind of like a Within Temptation style.

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