Incorrect default intonation/pitch for E2 (Asterian)

While working on a SATB choral piece I discovered something weird with the intonation/pitch of the lower notes, e.g. E2.

Astarian (bass) does not seem to have the correct (default) intonation,
the weird thing is that Saros (tenor) does seem to have correct/better intonation.

This can be seen in the below screenshots:



As a result, the lower notes (while using Asterian) require additional manual pitch correction to get it to sound correctly.

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Interesting, I went back and toggled between a few versions. It looks like this wasn’t a problem in 102, and the issue appeared in version 103. Though it does seem to have improved a bit as of 105b1, it’s not entirely fixed.

I would have assumed it has something to do with the RLHF feature used to refine the pitch models, because since this very low range is not used for most voices, human feedback that does not mark that range as preferable might “trick” the AI model into considering that range to be an undesirable result. The problem is, this still happens with the “enhancement” slider set to “off”, so I have to wonder what else changed in that update which could have caused the issue.

Also, comparing the vocal tone, it does feel like he’s lost some fullness at those lower notes.

For now, it might be worth going back and using version 102. Eclipsed Sounds makes all previous versions available via the download link in the order confirmation email.

Hopefully Eclipsed Sounds and Dreamtonics can address this. You can report the issue directly to [email protected] and/or [email protected].