ANRI Arcane Singing Down an Octave

I’m having a very odd issue with the beginning of a piece I’m working on. The first phrase ANRI Arcane sings is down an octave (and she sounds terrible!) and I cannot figure out why. Maybe there’s an artifact in the MIDI file I imported it from? Here’s a screenshot. The next phrase sounds like it should.

Looks pretty weird. Have you tried switching from “Sing” mode to “Manual” and then reset the pitch via the option in the menu?

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How do I do that? Sounds like there’s some tutorials I need to look up.

Sorry for the late reply.

You have to go to “Note Properties” (just click on the note symbol on the right side panel with the icons) and there, under “Pitch” / “Pitch mode”, you will find options for Sing, Rap, and Manual.
After selecting “Manual”, you can click in the top menu on “Modify” → “Reset Pitch”.