1.11.0b2 - Transport/position cursor in Cubase 12 (ARA) jitters, sound stutters

When I work with the ARA plugin from SynthV in Cubase (12.0.70) for a while, the location cursor starts to tremble/jitter (look at the video) and the voice (Solaria) stutters extremely. But it’s not a performance problem, as you can see in the video. When I restart Cubase and load the song, the problem remains. Even if I delete the track completely and create a new one and re-setup everything with the ARA plug-in, the problem remains. The song is then no longer usable for SynthV.

Video: https://www.2erwerk.de/temp/synthv.mp4

I have exactly the same Problem

Please, please send a detailed report to Dreamtonics support. They really need to know that this is a very common problem affecting both Mac and PC and various DAWs.
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