Logic - beginner set up to record notes

I had this working once before but can’t figure it out again. The plug in is working and I can play the cheesy piano sound from the plugin running in Logic…

In the SV (Synth V) plug in I have Project/sync tempo/w/host on - so when I play or record from Logic both transports are moving but I can’t figure out how to record enable SV! The notes record into a track in Logic, but on playback all they are is the cheesy piano sound. NO notes are recording into the SV area.
I’ve tried record enabling SV - but it takes off and starts recording - not waiting to start from Logic. It’s not locking and obeying the record “R” key control from Logic.

It’s so basic but maddening to not be able to figure out. Any ideas?

EDIT - I sort of figured something out as a work around by punching in record on the plug in when it was locked w/ Logic and playing - not quite right - but it worked.

You need to press record in SynthV Studio (default hotkey num pad *, or click the button in the transport controls), not in your DAW. If you record in the DAW, the MIDI will be in the DAW’s piano roll.

This will be more seamless if you’re using the ARA Bridge in the current beta version, because it allows the plugin to control the playhead.

If not, the DAW controls the playhead, so you might need to press play in the DAW, click into SynthV Studio, then press the record button.

In short, the piano roll you record to is based on which record button you press. The plugin can’t hijack your DAW’s recording function.

You did mention that you hear SynthV’s basic piano tone based on the DAW’s MIDI, which means you’ve likely set up your MIDI clip as the input to the plugin. In this case, when you press record in SynthV Studio, that recorded MIDI clip will likely be piped into the plugin as if you were pressing the keys with your MIDI controller.

Thanks Claire - this is what I’m discovering, though apparently Logic won’t start via SV transport - so it’s equivalent on SV to punching in an another machine that’s synced (and the Logic transport is used to start). I couldn’t find a way to set SV to be in pause/record mode and start recording when Logic “play” is hit - so punching in on the SV UI (while playing) seems to be the only option.

After looking at ARA Bridge info for the beta - it’s apparently not supported in Logic as of yet.

Otherwise I’d ask how to enable it! :slight_smile:

The ARA Bridge is supported in Logic Pro as long as you are using Rosetta mode.