Issues or improvement suggestions

Some ‘issues’ i’m having (using 1.11.0b2):

When i press space to play music when focus is on synth v, I want my DAW, cubase, to also start playing.
The otherway around does work: start playing from cubase, plays also the synth v track.

I’m aware of the ‘follow playhead’ option, but still sometimes the synth v piano-roll, does a hard scroll to the left or right. Sometimes you just want absolutely no scrolling when you centererd the part you are working on. A simple on/off auto-scroll option would be perfect, i.c.m. with assignable shortkey.

Note insert length
When i double click to insert a note, it’s always 4 bars long. Would be nice if this was linked to the Snap-length? Maybe this could be fixed by a JS-script. Or do you guys know a solution for this? Could not find a setting for it.

Also my cubase crashed, and all the notes we’re gone. Unfortunately there was no recovery file (.svp).

The playback sync you describe should be how things work when using the ARA plugin, unless I’m misunderstanding.

You should be able to trigger playback from either the DAW or from within the plugin and have it behave the same, unlike the VSTi which cannot control the playhead without the ARA bridge also being in use.

As for note entry, i personally prefer using the pencil tool to draw in the notes. It’s a click-and-drag instead of two clicks, but it means you have better control over the length.

The others I can’t really comment on. I’ve definitely also accidentally scrolled a page to the right by not stopping playback soon enough.

If you haven’t already, it’s recommended to raise any issues, bugs, or suggestions to Dreamtonics via email at [email protected].


Thanks for your message! I’m using the Studio Plugin, so the VSTi. So i guess then it will not work.,
But! I noticed it worked in similar plugin, but why…, wel pretty simpel, somehow that program didn’t block shortcut-keys from cubase. So when pressing space, cubase still reacts and plays the bunch. Where Synth V doesn’t. I’m still on a search to fix this. It seems some cubase-shortcutkeys do come through. But space doesn’t. Even when i remove space as a shorcut-key in the synth-v settings.

As for the note insert, drumrolls! : The pencil tool works indeed, but, i’d rather would do it with the pointer tool. And i just found out, when you double click to insert, and hold your click, you can also size it! Happy :slight_smile:

Regarding the “playback” issue, I have to say that I prefer it the way it is. This way, I can rapidly listen to the voice alone while editing, then switch to DAW playback to hear the voice in the mix, all without having to mute/solo parts. It’s just faster and easier.

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Sure, thats also handy. I guess both should be possible. With or without DAW-playback, ofcourse using a shortkey.

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