SV Plugin Crashes when adding to Logic Pro

I can’t upload a video but every time I try to add the SynthV plugin for logic it crashes. Specifically logic crashes, so it could be my systems fault.

For reference i’m on SV Pro 1.11 B2

For some reasons Logic must be set on Rosetta mode. Dreamtonics still recommends it.

According to the FAQs in the plugin guide:

As of the time of our ARA plugin release, Logic Pro does not yet support ARA natively on Apple Silicon.

I’m on 1.10.1 with Logic Pro in regular silicon mode (i.e., not Rosetta) and SynthV works perfectly.

I reeeaaaally hope these issues get fixed before the official version of 1.11 releases. I really don’t wanna run Logic Pro in Rosetta mode :-/

Unfortunately it is all up to Apple to get ARA support in Logic and in native mode. It is already past 3 years since we were introduced to AS, so maybe it is not that easy.

@YoreP But the previous versions worked well with AS, so I believe Dreamtonics can make an option to not use the new deep ARA integration so that SynthV continues to run smoothly with AS in the new version.

@Yoshika_Miyafuji So the previous beta version worked in Logic without Rosetta? Really?

Not for me… It always has worked with Rosetta and Dreamtonics support did recommend it so to me since the beginning. Don’t know about others.

I’m talking about the regular, non-beta versions, and yes, they work natively without Rosetta. I use SynthV in Logic Pro that way all the time.

Yes, the Synth V works natively in Logic Pro, but not if you want to use ARA. Then you have to use Rosetta version of Synth V. This of course is all up to Apple to fix and hopefully we will get ARA2 to work natively in Apple Silicon sometime in the future.

@YoreP Which is why I want there to be an option in SynthV to turn off ARA if you don’t want to use it so that the new version can still run natively in Logic Pro (and if you use a different DAW, you can turn it on from within SynthV).

@Yoshika_Miyafuji i I haven’t used the beta version of Synth V but do you mean that you can only use the latest version in Rosetta? That’s not good :frowning: . Thank you for the info!