Edit/Modify possible one only after first program start. After that no more editing possible

I am using 111 with Kevin - both have valid keys. I opened a new project and was able to sign and edit note and fill them with lyrics. After I created a new project and applied with ‘discard’ no more note could be drawn or fill in lyrics as there is no context menu anymore and also everything is grayed out. Restart of the program doesn´t help.


You don’t have any notes selected, and you’re in pitch editing mode so you’ll select pitch curve points instead of notes when you click in the Piano Roll (and based on the screenshot, you haven’t made any manual pitch changes, so there are no points to select).

Make sure you’re in note edit mode and then select some notes:


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I am not able to select a note, that was the problem.
Changed the mode, so now it works again. It shouldn´t change after one changes a project then there is no confusing.