Feature or Bug-you decide, free presets?

I load any song, assign Ritchy. It looks like photo 1 +2:

Then, assign Saros and select Passionate as style pix 3+4:

NOW select Ritchy again and - voila, I have a Passionate preset… - 5+6

Ain’t that cool? Feature or bug? I love it, not even sure if it works but it seems to.

The presets are just 100% of a single vocal mode, with all the others at zero. It’s the sliders that matter, not the value shown in the dropdown.

When changing the voice database, it doesn’t remove vocal mode settings from other voice databases. This means you can try out different vocalists on the same sequence without worrying about losing your settings.

In this case, it’s likely just that the dropdown text doesn’t get reset, because in the background the vocal mode is still set. Technically a bug, but a pretty inconsequential one.

You can observe similar behavior by automating any vocal mode in the Parameters panel, where any previously used vocal modes that are not compatible with the newly selected voice database will be marked as “inactive”. As of the latest beta, there’s also a trash-bin icon that lets you clean up any incompatible settings.

In this example the vocalist was changed from SOLARIA to Mai after adding a parameter curve for the Light vocal mode. Because the prior setting is not cleared, I don’t lose my changes when cycling through different voices to see how they sound.



Thanks for the clarification (is that why you’re named “Claire?” :thinking:}