Proposal for improving the Music Releases section.

I wonder if it would be possible to introduce separate subdivisions for original works and covers/other. I’m only interested in listening to original songs and finding them in the thicket of other productions is often not easy. Sometimes this information is missing even in the thread title. Maybe someone else has a similar opinion and thinks that introducing such a separation will have a positive impact on their experience of using the forum? Additionally, it would be a nice gesture to support artists who create completely original content.


Good ideas here

There’s already a “cover” tag, and I could add “original-song” and “remix” tags as well since I have the “Regular” role. The main problem is people already don’t use language tags, so it’s unlikely people would use those either.

Beyond that, you’d need to contact Dreamtonics for a whole new category.


I think adding these tags is a good idea because I can filter threads by them. It should be in the interest of artists to tag their songs correctly.


Done. The tags are “original-song”, “remix”, and “cover”, and now that they exist anyone can use them for their posts.


Excellent thanks!

Thank you very much!