Strange dips in pitch on some notes

I’m running into a strange issue with Asterian (at least, I haven’t noticed it elsewhere yet.) I’ve recorded a vocal take, and all is fine until near the end. All was fine until I changed the timing of a phrase. Now, the phrase “forever” (3 notes, on 3 different pitches) there is a tremendous dip in the pitch of each note. I’ve tried recreating the notes. No change. I’ve copied the same phrase where it works elsewhere, but here it has that pitch drop. I look at the parameter panel and there’s nothing there to explain the dip. Sometimes, if I change the notes from sing mode to manual mode, the pitch drop goes away but doesn’t sound as good as in typical sing mode. I’ve tried additional takes. Nothing.

This is similar to another issue I’ve noticed. Occasionally, when I remove a note, a “ghost” sound remains. No note there, but part of the sound of the removed note still sounds. The only fix there has been to mute the ghost note with two notes above it. The first issue above is most pressing. Any ideas?

The pitch curves generated by Sing Mode are contextual, so they’ll be different based on what comes before and after the notes, even if the notes themselves are identical. This means the same sequence at different points in a track can have different automatically-generated pitch curves.

Pitch curves generated by Sing mode are not shown in the parameters panel, they are combined with any curves you add manually in an additive manner.

You say you’ve already tried generating AI Retakes, but make sure you also try adjusting the Expressiveness and Enhancement sliders for those retakes, as well as checking if the Vibrato Modulation slider in Note Properties helps.

If none of that works, set the notes to Manual mode while “Preserve the pitch…” is enabled for “From Sing to Manual mode” in the Settings panel. This will cause the pitch deviations to be moved to the parameters panel when you toggle Manual mode on, rather than clearing them.


Now that you have the original curve for reference, and you’re not in an automatic pitch mode that might overwrite your changes, you can easily redraw the pitch line to remove the unwanted dip.

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