Deessing separated aspirated track

Hello. Has anyone tried dressing the aspirated parts only? Has anyone any experience to share on this subject?
On paper it might be better and I’ll try, but I’d like to know what other people has already tried…thank you!

It’s the same as de-essing human vocals, except easier because by having the aspiration isolated you only apply the effect to the part of the sample that actually needs it and you don’t risk affecting the parts that don’t need it.

A common free de-esser is Spitfish, or you can automate an EQ notch at the correct frequency; there are a number of methods of de-essing, but those are the simplest. You can follow basically any de-essing tutorial online.


There are two ways to de-ess a vocal.

The first is to use a de-esser, which is an EQ that looks for frequencies that are prominent in the /s/ and reduces them.

The second is to reduce the amplitude of the /s/ (or whatever consonant) in your DAW by putting an envelope around the /s/ and reducing the amplitude:


This can be done without a separate aspiration track, but having an aspiration track gives better control.

To me, the real value of the aspiration track is that you can control how hard aspirated sounds hit the reverb - you can have a high level of reverb on the voiced portion, and only a small amount on the aspirated track. That way, the consonants won’t “pop” in the reverb.


The idea of sending less aspirated track to the reverb is interesting indeed. Thank you very much!

And another thing I will have to explore is whether reducing the intensity of sibilants and plosives directly in the “sing” menu, note per note. If this works better than applying a De-Esser afterwards, we might even think about a script that automates it.

Consonants’s duration & strength is modifiable in Timing and Phonemes in Note Properties, but not effective.

I always use deesser for the separated aspirated track,that works better. Compressors work also better.

Other, separating enables complex processing.
For example, use tube exciter and surfer eq and feedback chorus for voice track, and use deesser and high tilt and trans saturator and phase invert left for aspirated track.