Aspirated isolated channel in VSTi

Is there a way to have the aspirated channel isolated from the vocal part, in the VSTi version? or is the aspirated isolated only when rendering to files?

I would like to have it as a different output to a channel in my DAW…

When rendering there are three configurations:

  1. Single output
  2. Aspiration as second channel/file (main output unaffected)
  3. Aspiration as second channel/file (and removed from the main output)

When using the VSTi, option #2 is not available, so it’s either the normal single output for the track (#1), or the isolated aspiration and isolated phonation (#3).

You can change the VSTi output layout in the Settings panel (you’ll want the “Track Aspiration Isolated” option). This will mean track 1 maps to output 1 and 2, track 2 maps to 3 and 4, and so on.


Thank you very much! :hugs:

I was trying with the Aspiration Output option in the Rendering menu…didn’t know there was this other option!
You are amazing as usual!