VSTi - Aspiration track isolated, more than 7 tracks

:arrow_right: DAW: Studio One 5.5
:arrow_right: SynthV 1.11.0b2

Settings–>Audio–>Channel Layout–>Track Aspiration Isolated.

  • Create 7 tracks, assign to outputs 1 to 14, everything works

  • Create an 8 tracks and assign to outputs 1 to 16: Tracks 1 to 6 go to their outputs, no issue. Track 7 Vocal goes to output 15, Track 7 Aspiration goes to output 16. Nothing goes to 13 and 14. Track 8 does not play

  • Create 9 tracks, assign the first 8 to outputs 1 to 16: When you hit play, SynthV crashes with an error message.

:hammer_and_wrench: WORKAROUND: Create TWO tracks in Studio One for voices, with TWO instances of SynthV, each with 7 tracks or less.

PS: Maybe some weird things also happen with Track Combined with several tracks in SynthV, I don’t know, I haven’t tried.

I think this is a combination of two things:

  1. The channel count only goes up to 16 (so presumably that limits you to 8 tracks when using isolated aspiration)
  2. There’s a bug related to track duplication that can cause one of the 16 channels to be mapped incorrectly

I think the workaround for point #2 is to create new tracks rather than duplicate existing ones:

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#2 Ok, but still needs to be resolved…I often duplicate tracks when I go for voice doubling (then make new takes, and randomize notes onsets, and voila, ADT with minimal effort :crazy_face:), and I think I’m not the only one

#1 the channel count only goes to 16 is surely the reason, but SynthV crashes if you try to access more than 16 channels, while the Exception raised should be catched and handled without crashing.

PS thanks again (today I’m spending my day thanking you Claire :smiley:

Yes, definitely. If you want to raise the issue to Dreamtonics directly you can send them an email at [email protected].

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Yes, I’ll surely do.

You’re not… :grinning: