Multiple Instances of SynthV VSTi in DAW - All reverted to the same part

OK, now I am in big trouble.

DAW: Studio One 5.5
SynthV: 1.11.0b2

Because of the limit of 7 voices in a single instance, with Aspiration Output Track Isolated, I decided to create multiple instances of SynthV, and each one only had a single voice. I kept working, and everything was fine.
Today, I reopened the Song, and when I reached the part where the voices began, the song in Studio One glitched for a moment, and began stuttering a lot. I rewound the song and started playing it from the beginning, and ALL the instances have the same part (the main one). All the backing vocals are gone.

  1. Is there a way to recover all my work??
  2. Is it due to the way SynthV saves inside the host? Is this a known bug?

Thank you.

I’m answering my own post.

The issue was that SynthV was set to save to an external file, and since I created the various instances by duplicating the track in the DAW, all instances made reference to the same file (so that it got overwritten by each when saving).
I fortunately had a backup .svp, and restored all the tracks and made different .svp for each instance. Now it works.

Perhaps Dreamtonics might want to set a check, if possible, to avoid this issue that happens without a warning and can be very destructive.

I would recommend to save a file for every track in SynthV standalone, before you start working in Studio One.

Then you can setup up each track in S1 with it’s own external SynthV file, which has the advantage, that you can even edit them with the standalone version.

That’s how I do it … SynthV loads faster than a complex S1 project and you can edit spontaneous ideas much quicker :wink:

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