FL Studio or Cubase?

I’m thinking of either getting FL Studio or Cubase.
Which do you guys suggest? What are the pros and cons?
and most importantly, which one works the best with SynthV?

The answer will be almost the same as this other topic:

In short, Cubase has ARA support, so it will likely work better with SynthV Studio than FL Studio will. However, FL Studio should be getting ARA in an upcoming update, so that difference isn’t a major one.

But you shouldn’t really choose your DAW based on a single plugin. Your DAW needs to do a whole lot more than just “run SynthV Studio” and both options will do that for you.

Cubase 13 didn’t have a trial until just recently, but there is one available now. You should try out the trial version of each DAW, look up some beginner tutorials, and decide based on the workflow you prefer.


Very happy with Cubase integration. I have been using SynthV in both Cubase 12 and 13