Synthesizer V AI Frimomen: New Masculine Japanese voice from AHS

Frimomen, first announced for Synthesizer V Studio back in October, is an upcoming masculine voice database being developed by AHS. Frimomen is an official mascot for AHS, and his voice is provided by voice actor Koga Akira.

You can read more about Frimomen on the SynthV Wiki.

Today, to commemorate the character’s birthday, the first short demonstration was shared. Due to Twitter/X posts not embedding nicely on other websites, you will have to click the link to listen to the video.

Translated with DeepL:

:congratulations::congratulations::congratulations::congratulations::congratulations: Frimomen Birthday :congratulations::congratulations::congratulations::congratulations::congratulations:

To celebrate my birthday, I’ll be performing the singing voice of the Synthesizer V AI Frimomen, which is still under development, for the first time in the whole universe :blush::blush::blush::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:
Listen !!!!!!!!


※The video was made by the manager of the AHS Store in a messy way: :blush::heart_hands::blush:


I can’t wait to get home and check this out! I was only listening to Frimomen today! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Interesting voice … not as low as Asterian, but also not as high as the others … nicely in between.

Let’s wait, how strong his English accent is … might be a superb choice for Pop songs ala Rick Astley or something alike.

Frimomen got himself another sample of his voice!


This sounds really nice :kissing_smiling_eyes: Just wondering how the copyright for his voice will be like, i hope it’s not similar to ROSE :pray:

AHS terms of use can be found here: END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT|Synthesizer V|製品情報|AHS(AH-Software)

Frimomen is an AHS product, unlike ROSE which is a Bushiroad product where AHS was contracted to do the development work.