How to do screams?

Check out this cover I found:

At 0:53 is a scream, where I don’t have any clue, how to achieve something similar.

Any tips for Synthesizer V Studio Pro 1.10.1?


I think that particular scream was taken directly from the original song. If not though, I’d like to know how to do something like that as well.

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Possible, but why then add a note for it in SynthV … doesn’t make sense, right?

I think I found it … NineZero was used for background vocals and he comes with many WAVs as a bonus. And there’s one WAV exactly like this scream … it seems he pitched that higher to sound female.

Fact is, it seems to be impossible currently to achieve such screams in Synth V.


that’s actually the scream from the original.

Any screams “using SynthV” are going to be done in the same way Vocaloid screams have been done for years; by applying various effects in the DAW to transform a clean vocal into something resembling a scream.

You can hear a SynthV example on the crossfade for Yuyoyuppe’s EP featuring Natsuki Karin, as well as in the song Still Here by DM DOKURO featuring Solaria:

As for how to do it, there isn’t much good information online, at least not in English. You’ll hear a lot of people throw around VST names like VocaScreamer, iZotope VocalSynth 2, and Charsiesis, all of which certainly could be part of the effect chain, but you’ll be hard pressed to find any tutorials that aren’t lacking key information, or people who have actually done it with any degree of success and aren’t just reiterating something they saw someone say on the internet somewhere.

Because of course, if you want to create a scream from a clean vocal, the usual answer is just “get your vocalist to record one in the first place”, which isn’t an option in the world of vocal synths.

Basically, if you want to figure it out, be prepared for a lot of trial-and-error and a lot of unhelpful Google search results. It’s a sound design puzzle more than anything, and whatever solution you come up with is bound to be very situational and only work for that specific type of scream.


My research was pretty successful :wink:

The mentioned VSTs definitely can’t create natural screams.

Charsiesis is mainly used my Death Metal fans for voice distortion. The effect is comparable to a Tube Screamer for guitar.

iZotope VocalSynth 2 is a modern vocoder I use myself in my current project to achieve a similar female voice to :wink: Others use it to achieve Daft Punk like voices.

For both VSTs you’ll find pretty good tutorials on Youtube.

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