Things To Improve For Better Workflow Navigation

I’ve been using synth V since January 2024, I use Vocaloid 4 and ACE Studio before this and I want to tell a few things that can be changed/added for better workflow improvement.
I can say the parameter editor is the best I ever used, I really like we can have 2 different tool to work on the tuning. I can get used to it really fast, Its kinda fun to work on Synth V.
But there are a small thing that slows me down…

I’ve noticed that we cant go forward or backward on the piano roll by dragging two finger on the trackpad.
Moving around the piano roll kinda need some adaptation, because I need to use the Shift + Scroll, or the scrollbar. But its easy for me because Photoshop did that too.
I will really love if Synth V can let me move around on the piano roll by using two fingers on the trackpad, using a middle click and drag, or like FL Studio where pressing * and / can let us go forward and backward a beat.

The customizable keyboard shortcut is awesome, but why cant we have a search to find which thing we need to modify. Adding a shortcut description when hovering over a tool or a button will really help newcomers. That will make it easier to remember the shortcuts.

The lack of highlighting when moving or make a note kinda bothers me alot, since I need to count the scale and need to double check so it hits the right note. This can be solved by highlighting the corresponding note we move, or add a small letter on top of it. A scale highlighting should be added too, since its standard on almost every popular DAW.

This one is not workflow related but I have this idea where we can cuztomize the skin colour, it will be fun if we can do that. But for visibillity, I think its important to be able to change the grid contrast ratio so that the grids can appear more clearly. But for me personally, the grid looks clear enough for me to lay down notes correctly on beat.
The overall UI design is clean and easy to navigate, really loved it alot. I can gave it a solid 10/10

Sorry for English errors, English is my 3rd language.

Really looking forward for the next updates.

That works nicely on macOS, so it seems to be a Windows only problem.