A few questions about Synth V's DAW integration.

Well, maybe just one question for now. Does anyone know how to import an item from arrange into the Synth V plugin? It understands when I press play, but not record. I’m able to hit record then the play button on my midi controller a split second later, but because I can’t hit them perfectly in sync, the recording is just a little bit off.

Do I have to export the midi, then import it into the plugin? I didn’t think I’d have to do that since midi integration works, but I’m not sure. I’m using Reaper, if that helps.

This is the easiest way, yes, since there’s no standardized “MIDI clipboard” that a plugin can access. (well, i think it does technically exist, but isn’t consistently implemented in DAWs)

You can also use a MIDI clip in the DAW as input to the plugin, and “record” it into SynthV Studio that way, but the process will vary with each DAW. The setup will typically be the same as if you were to provide MIDI input to a pitch correction plugin or vocoder. This is also usually slower than importing a file because you have to actually play back the entire sequence in real time.

If you’re trying to record with your MIDI controller, make sure you press record inside SynthV Studio, not in your DAW. Clicking record in the DAW will record to the DAW’s piano roll, not the SynthV Studio piano roll.