Limit CPU usage when loading?

My SVP’s nowadays are pretty big and loading the whole thing usually takes a while, however I would like it to do so without using almost all of my CPU (~90%) so I can still make edits in my DAW without incredibly choppy playback during that time.

You can reduce the number of rendering threads in the Settings panel.

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Thank you so much for the fast response Claire :grin:

Splitting large SVPs into several smaller ones is another option, e.g. splitting a large verse track into verse 1, verse 2, etc.
Downside: You need to use the rendered tracks in your DAW or need several instances of SynthV on several tracks. The later might also introduce CPU stress.

In my current project I only have two instances of SynthV in Studio One, one for all verses and one for all choruses. But I use an iMac Pro, which has plenty of power.