Publishing and licensing a song with lite voice.

Hello, I’m new to this forum group and I want to ask some questions.
I made a song with Eleanor Forte LITE and I’ve posted it on my YouTube channel, I don’t plan to monetize and use it for commercial purposes, I just want to share it with my friends. However, someone recently stole one of my original music and licensed it under their name. The question is: can I license this song with Eleanor Forte’s lite voice or not? And is it possible to report if this person once again stole the song, licensed it, and monetized it under their name unknowingly that it is illegal to monetize lite voices?

You can’t license a Lite version for commercial purposes, but it is licensed for private use, incl. social media.

Check Dreamtonics license agreement and the hints about Lite versions on the download page.

But whoever stole your song did a copyright violation and he/she is the one who also did a licence agreement violation, not you.


Thank you for your response, I appreciate it! I’m just afraid to lose another work of art.
So in conclusion, I can protect my works with lite voices by licensing them? however, I can only post it on social media such as YouTube, Instagram, etc., and not for commercial purposes right?

If that’s the case, then I might consider licensing my old and future music and songs to avoid theft.

All music is subject to implicit copyright from the moment you create it. You can register your music with your country’s copyright office, but it’s not typically necessary.

In short, you already own the copyright to things you create, as long as you haven’t signed any contracts saying otherwise.

As for lite voices, as long as you do not make any revenue and correctly disclose use of the lite voice, you should have nothing to worry about.

These are the specific terms:

  • You may not use the Lite version for commercial purposes
  • You may not publish your work using the Lite version on behalf of an organization
  • If you wish to publish a work created using the Lite version, you must clearly state the name of the voice database used and the fact that a Lite version is used
  • You should acknowledge that the Lite version does not represent the quality of the full version of the same voice database. Dreamtonics makes no quality or quantity guarantee on the Lite version of a voice database.

It seems, you’re mixing up copyright, publishing and licensing. In the opening post you wrote:

“However, someone recently stole one of my original music and licensed it under their name.”

What exactly does “licensed” mean in this context? Did he release/publish your song under his name on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music or elsewhere?
I ask, because a Youtube video usually doesn’t meet the quality requirements of these streaming platforms.

PS: Just to make sure, we don’t have a translation error here … licensing means, you are allowed to use the software for the desired purpose.

He did released my music under his name on those streaming platform you mentioned.
Resulting to copyright strike on my original video posted on YouTube.

If you have proof, that you are the copyright owner, contact the streaming platforms support.