Maual Cursor Tracking from Cubase - Possible?

Hi guys,
First post here. So, hello everyone. :wave:

I’m new to Synthsizer V and I am currently absorbing as much material (tutorial videos and the manual) as I go. However, I have not come across this yet. I’m probably missing a setting… :person_shrugging:

I am currently adding my melody and lyrics into SV… Then I run Cubase to check. as you would.
I want to be precise with my timing so I manually move the cursor in Cubase a few clicks but the cursor doesn’t move in SV. Of course if I press play in Cubase it works fine.

So, is there a way that I can manually track my Cubase cursor in SV?

OS: Windows 10
Cubase 13 Pro

Thanks for reading

The next update will introduce ARA support, which improves tempo and playhead synchronization in compatible DAWs (and Cubase is one of the compatible options).

You can get the current beta release here: Synthesizer V Studio 1.11.0b2 Update | Dreamtonics株式会社

And refer to this document for setup and usage instructions for the new ARA functionality:

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Hi Claire,
thanks for your prompt reply. :+1:

I read the document but it is refering to audio but I’m not at that stage yet. I still developing my melody and lyrics. I have included a diagram (hopefully) showing you what I am trying to achieve.
However, I did download and installed the beta version just to be sure but it has made no difference.

So, from the diagram, if I move my Cubase cursor (red) forward a few clicks, I would expect the SV cursor to track it, but it doesn’t. The cursor remains at the starting position, bar 6,

as you can see.

I hope this is clear.

Thanks Claire

If you haven’t added the ARA plugin to a track, then the ARA bridge will not be used and you won’t get any of the improved synchronization functions.

The ARA plugin is a separate VST that is applied as an effect/extension rather than an instrument, and it provides project and timeline information to the instrument plugin that is normally not available.

Check the “How to set up the ARA Bridge” section of the instructions. Make sure it says “ARA Bridge Link” in the upper right of the instrument plugin.

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Ah… ok.
Let me check it out first thing in the morning and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks Claire

I spent sometime on this this morning and looks like I got it working. :nerd_face: I can now get my SV cursor to track my Cubase cursor and vice versa. It took a bit of experimentation as well because the instructions are not quite clear enough for me. :rofl: The use of ARA extensions is a new one for me.

Does this look ok?

Adding the audio track was interesting. It turns out that it can be any audio track with data and it can’t be muted. So, I can now carry on with my song lyrics and melody development.

Much happiness.

Thanks Claire for your help. :+1: :sunglasses:

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