Can't have two instances of Synthesizer V running different vocal modes

I’m trying to create a piece of music that has a rapper and a singer.
I have one instance of Synthesizer V on one track and another on a different track.
When I change the vocal mode to rap on one of them it changes it to rap on
both of them even though they are two different instances on different tracks/channels.

Same happens if I switch one of them to sing then it changes both of them to sing.
Is this an oversight on the developers part or is a setting I need to select to have them
independent of one another?

I assume you’re referring to the Default Pitch Mode in the Settings panel?

Settings are saved in one location (Documents on Windows, or Application Support on Mac), and are not different per project.

If you want to change the pitch mode of notes that already exist, you can do that from the Note Properties panel.

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