Please make a voicebank in Korean! (So Hyang???)

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Synthesizer V approached one of the many talented Korean singers and made a Korean voicebank? Imagine if they approached So Hyang (소향), and she agreed to do it? She has one of the widest ranges of any singer on earth, and the timbral differences between her quiet singing tone and her belting tone is dramatic. She can sing both tenderly enough to make you cry and powerfully enough to make your spine tingle. Imagine capturing that dynamic range and musicality in a voicebank. It could be a masterpiece and gift to humanity.


I want this too. If a Synth V Korean voice bank comes out, I plan to buy it for sure.

I agree 100%

I want this too.

I would love Korean VBs too! I’m sure it will be a possibility one day :pray::sparkles:

They are adding new languages, with Cantonese and Spanish (still only beta) made available recently, so I am sure it is a viable possibility.