Does eleanor forte standard have full voicebank

So i didnt think that eleanor forte had a full standard voicebank but i checked her twitter i scrolled for a bit and it said that her ai pre orders were open and of course that was a while ago, however then i saw that along with that it had her standard design and said thar it was a pre order but i looked all over and i couldn’t find anything, and i know that just because they use a design that was on her standard doesn’t mean anything however i think i was the words standard on it to so idk

Eleanor Forte has the following versions:

  • Eleanor Forte R1 - a demo voice for the original version of Synthesizer V, now discontinued
  • Eleanor Forte lite - a direct port of the R1 demo voice to SynthV Studio
  • Eleanor Forte AI - her commercial release
  • Eleanor Forte AI lite - lite version of the commercial voice database

There is no fully-featured Eleanor Forte Standard voice database.

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