How do you get in contact with AniCUTE?

I recently reset my computer to reinstall the OS due to bugs from the old OS and items like that, and forgot to deactivate my SynthV Pro serial number :skull:.

So I contacted the vendor I got SynthV Pro from (which is AniCUTE) through both E-mail and under the products Q&A section when you view your order.

It has been 4, almost 5 days now and I know they’re not the fastest at responding but I have no Idea when they will respond and there are no other means of contacting them. :melting_face::sob:

So is there another way of resetting my serial number? Thanks!

If you’ve already tried [email protected] and [email protected], the only other option is the contact form on the order details page once you’ve logged in.

It’s likely that contact form just ends up in their email inbox anyway though, so it’s likely you’ll just have to wait for a response.

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yeah I did all of that but email them at [email protected], I just don’t remember them taking this long to reply :sob:.

But I’ll try that email and hopefully I get to use synthV back in a week.

I had the same problem and contacted Anicute. They replied that they were no longer handling Synth V and suggested I contacted Dreamtronics direct. This I did two week ago, but so far have had no response. Suggestions, anyone?

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Hi REKU-1 & tonyk,

That’s not my experience with Anicute at all
I just have had a major system failure, lost my whole system + license(s)
I contacted Anicute support, they asked for my, I send it …
They deactivated my license the next day, send me a mail
I didn’t even had my new system back then yet, rebuilding it now
So, for me it was very fast support (1 day) - ([email protected])
Contact them again, hope you have more luck!

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