The word "future" sounds strange (Solaria)

Does anyone have a correct phoneme for “Future”? I can’t get it right. It is split between two notes and the phoneme is “f y uw” + “ch er”.


Can you explain what’s wrong with the default phonemes? That’s very close to how I pronounce the word myself, so I’m not sure what the issue is.


Try “fiu”. It’s hard to say, because I have 2 voices, Solaria and Eleanor. And sometimes they react completelly different with one phoneme. But try “fiuture” anyways. : ) i also can try later here too

Sorry my mistake I had split it into two notes (for some unclear reason), I now made one note instead and it sounds good. But while you’re here the word “said” has a strange “s” sound in the beginning, any tips on that?

Even if you split “future” into two notes, the pronunciation should be correct by default … here a screenshot of the test I made with Solaria (full version):

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Thanks, in my song the word is sang very quickly and I think that was the problem when I had it split into two notes even though it was’t necessary. But it’s all good now.
I syill hoewer struggle with her pronounciation of the word “Said”, The S sounds strange.

I had similar problems in my current project with Saros. Check out THIS Youtube channel, which helped me a lot, especially these two:

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