When recording from MIDI in Cubase into SV- timing is off

I have an instrument track in cubase with quantized MIDI. When I record that into SV, I notice that the notes are a bit off time wise. Typically, they seem to start before the grid. I’d prefer to have it match the MIDI in my DAW. Is this related to latency in the DAW, or something else? I’ve tried adjusting the quantize in the SV piano roll, thinking it might shift it into the correct time but I think that’s only after the fact. Any ideas? Thanks.

It could be latency, since MIDI recording is mainly just sending note start and end times (at least as far as SynthV is concerned). Any sort of latency or delay that the DAW isn’t accounting for could result in a slight offset.

If you’re using the ARA functionality in the current beta (ie either the ARA plugin on a track, or the ARA bridge in conjunction with the regular VST instrument), then there shouldn’t be issues with latency/desync.

It sounds like you’re just trying to move MIDI from the DAW to the plugin, in which case export/import is always an option, or you could use the Snap to Grid/Smart Quantization options under the Modify menu to realign things after recording, but as you say, that’s another step that has to be done afterward.