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Hi peeps…well, I’m new to my fresh install of Syn V Basic to try it out, but suffered from some bugs…
I inputted some notes, and to start with, one of them stuttered upon uttering the first letter of a word…hmmmm…so I deleted it…and it was still audible…hmm…maybe there was a semblance of it still there that I did not see without a massive zoom in??? …mmmmm… But then, get this:- I tried to massage one of the notes up a semitone, and move it slightly to left/right, and then then thin blue connecting line that joins the note blocks together suddenly becomes disconnected and plummets into a bottomless pit…hmmmm!! And, on top of that, some of the notes become mysteriously muted or deactivated…Help!! So, is this because I using the wrong note/ Writing mode, and not setting up a proper time signature?? What should I do please guys??

It will be much easier to help if you can provide a screenshot.

If you’re trying out the software with a lite voice database, I would recommend using an AI one such as Solaria lite. If you’re using Eleanor Forte lite, you’re really using one of the oldest demo voices. It’s not bad to use Eleanor Forte lite, but you are more likely to encounter odd behaviors.

That aside, the issue of notes being muted or deactivated is likely because they are overlapping. A single voice cannot sing multiple notes at the same time. It is generally best if the end of each note meets with the start of the next note, unless you specifically want silence between the notes or very noticeable staccato.

You may want to review the Dreamtonics tutorial series on YouTube, and the quickstart section of the Unofficial User Manual.

(In the tutorial videos, please bear in mind mentions of “Instant Mode” are outdated. This feature has been replaced with Sing Mode, which does the same thing, but is applied to individual notes in the Note Properties panel instead of globally via the button in the piano roll)


Thanks Clare that actually really helped! So, being stubborn and perfectionist as ever, I gave it another go, and yes,things went much better after attempting NOT to overlap notes. As soon as a note had been TOO suddenly broken away from the pack, the break in the line happened, but overall the results were actually quite pleasing once I teased the notes into place. I did download Solaria Lite, but she is incompatible with the Synth V Basic version, but she does sound terrific on YouTube. Thanks once again, Clare for your help!

Solaria lite is definitely compatible with the Basic edition.

Are you sure you downloaded Synthesizer V Studio, and not the legacy version of the software from 2018?

Your UI should look like this, with only a couple buttons and menu items different between the Basic and Pro editions:


Hi Claire…so I downloaded two:- a Basic edition and an evaluation version… I’ll have another comparison between those and your screenshot…one day I’ll get this right! Thanks for the help and patience!

Hi Claire…I managed to download Syn V Studio Basic and load Solaria. But prior to this, I had already downloaded an evaluation version…should I uninstall this in case of there being any clash between the two versions? And would I be able to purchase, for example, Australian rock singer NineZero to use in Syn V Studio Basic? And, how long would I be able to use Syn V Studio Basic for? Is it update able? And do you know of any links to the most up to date documentation for Syn V Studio Basic?
Oh dear… I’ve bombarded you with questions…! I did check out Vocaloid6 and EmvoiceOne, but I have settled on Syn V as my go-to choice…I heard “Erode” as sung by Solaria, and I have to say that I’m absolutely blown away…super impressed! If I can help anyone here, I will…I make notes on absolutely everything when I use it. Presently I have used Reaper for the last four years, and Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass as well as Arturia MelloTron, as well as Steven Slate Drums…and Dubler2… they’re all astounding instruments, but with a bit of a pricey tag on them, but I’m a prog rock music addict…what can I say!
Regards and all the best, Peter xxxxxx

The evaluation version you also downloaded is discontinued and hasn’t been updated in a number of years. None of the voices currently available for purchase are compatible with it.

Synthesizer V Studio is the current software. Most new features are only available in the Pro edition, but the Basic edition still gets the main synthesis engine, UX, and compatibility updates.

There is no time limit on the Basic edition or lite voices, they just have fewer features (and lite voices cannot be used commercially).

You can use paid voices in the Basic edition, but many features will be locked without having both the Pro edition and a paid voice database.

You can find answers to most of your questions in either the FAQ post on these forums, or in the Unofficial User Manual.

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