Limit on total number of bars-Pro Edition?

I have a long song (6 minutes, 175 bars, not outrageous) that only exports 128 bars of the vocals (3 tracks, two just partial harmony.) I have rerun this several times always with the same result. I’m using Hayden. Soros and Mia. Tried changing Mia to Ritchy, but made no difference. Everything up to date.
Any ideas? Thanks.

There is no limit on the length of the rendered output unless you are using an FLT (feature-limited trial) version of a voice database.

If you’re using an FLT voice (ie the free versions of Ritchy, D-Lin, or Eri), then they will be limited to 45 seconds of output. That doesn’t seem like what you’re encountering, since your output has multiple minutes.

I haven’t encountered that issue before, so I can’t really offer any quick solutions, but I was able to render a 300-measure test track that went over 10 minutes without issue.

Thanks. I have tried separating the piece into two sections as a workaround, but it still seems off, part in sync and then not. I’ll keep playing with it, I need this done this week… I switched Mai for Ritchy so everybody was fully licensed, i don’t know Mai’s status as a full-blown singer, but it made no difference.
I just got all the parts into my DAW, but the issue appears to be a real bug.

Update: this may be a memory issue - I did a clean reboot, tried once with the same result. Then I selected just the lead voice (which is far and away the busiest) and it worked just fine. So it will be a pain to update one track at a time, but it’s operable.
This is a Win 10 i7-9700F CPU 3GHz, 16G RAM, NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super with 8Gb, lots of HDs.
Oh, yeah - I normally mix to 32 float, I’ll send a 16-bit mix to the app instead.

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