Ash & Embers ORIGINAL MUSIC - Natalie (Synth V)

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This is a first time Synth V effort for me (in Logic Pro) - after a lot of questions in the forum!
First time I’ve used Logic Pro too - so the learning curve has been steep!

I’m a retired pro musician (played all the instruments) and songwriter - hope you enjoy!


Nice job, Karyno. It’s great to see professional level musicians playing around with SynthV voices. Was it the potential of the voices (i.e. could do it yourself without finding a singer and studio sessions) that got you back into music?

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Thanks so much! I had been planning a return to creating and recording but I did get inspired with the possibilities of Synth V to fulfill the role as vocalist. At first I was just thinking it would be good to hand off to singers as a demo (on songwriting projects) - but so far it’s been above expectations - and I haven’t even found out how to create more nuanced performances yet. It’s pretty awesome thus far!

I think you’ll find SynthV is a pretty amazing technology and your experience with real singers will really help you get the best out of it. You mentioned and interest in Prog Rock. Check out my Follow the Light. An homage to old-school prog of the 70s and 80s.

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Nice, SynergyV - I ran across your awesome video before when I was still looking at getting SynthV. That was quite an epic project - well done! Did you play all the instruments too?

Speaking of prog music - among my many bands, I was the keyboard player for Art In America leading up to and beyond their 1st album, did touring, and recording the 2nd one. Some of the Caliber video looks like the 1st & 2nd AIA album covers (created by Ionnis). :grinning:

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Really cool, Karyno. I didn’t know much about AIA, and I thought I was following American Prog bands in the 80’s (i.e.: Starcastle, etc.), but pre-internet wasn’t like today. It was fun listening and reading bios on the website and Wiki. It must have been a kick working with Eddy Offord and Steve Morse. The solo in Undercover is definitely Dregs. And it looks like new AIA stuff on YT. What keyboards did you play? I’m collecting vintage keyboard VSTs. And carrying that harp around everywhere?

I was never great on any instrument (bass in garage bands). I try to play the MIDI into the DAW, but usually just programming the notes. I’ve been messing with synth vocals since 2012. The newest SynthV is a gamechanger and seems to be bringing people (like yourself) back into musicmaking. For just getting into it, you’re SV work is outstanding. Welcome.

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Great work :slight_smile: and welcome… :pray: …i’ve been using logic since 2001 i think…and i remember that it was no Logic at all in the beginning :joy: … but when you get used to it it makes sense :slight_smile: keep up the good work

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I didn’t know much about AIA, [snip]

Glad you found it! Fun times - it was just a small blip in the grand scale of things.

The solo in Undercover is definitely Dregs.

I remember Chris working hard to learn the lead part after Steve recorded it.

What keyboards did you play?

I had a number of keyboards over the years - around that time it was mainly my Oberheim OBX (for AIA recordings/touring), a Helpinstill grand (heavy beast I was happy to lose) , Clavinet C, & Roland VK1 (in lieu of a Hammond - both the clavinet and organ ran through a Leslie 122.) Had a couple of small synths around too Arp, Roland and Moog.

For just getting into it, you’re SV work is outstanding

Thanks so much! Looking forward to delving further into SV and writing more for these voices.

Thanks! :slight_smile: Up until I paused doing music I had progressed from Performer 2.0 to Digital Performer 5 - but I was still recording audio parts on 24 track tape and syncing my MIDI sequences via SMPTE. Logic is quite different from MOTU but I’m catching on!

My first MIDI sequencer was on an Apple IIe - 4 amazing tracks of MIDI recording were possible - and it saved on 5.25" floppy disc. Groundbreaking stuff at the time! haha

I appreciate the kind words and welcome!