Suggestion: Transpose selected notes with arrow keys

A small change that could help many people a lot: Make the current selection respond to the arrow keys (Up/Down) so we can transpose notes by semitiones instead of using the mouse (which is very fiddly).

Left/Right would also be nice if a grid can be selected. Although that’s not as important as transposing.


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If you’re using the Pro edition, you can assign scripts to the arrow keys via the Settings menu do this.

Check the “Move Notes Up/Down/Left/Right” scripts here: svstudio-scripts · SynthV Studio scripts by Claire (

(Just a footnote – embedded JavaScript doesn’t run very nicely in Logic Pro, so many of these scripts will see Lua revisions in the future. It’s a rather long to-do list before I’ll actually be done with it, so apologies if that ends up being an obstacle for you)


Thanks. Sounds great. I wasn’t aware of scripting yet. I use Logic Pro for demo tracks.