Search function for the dictionary panel

As an extra for its Voice DB, Eclipsed Sound provides the
dictionary, which can be used to convert a huge amount of German words into phonemes so that English-speaking voices can sing more or less well in German.

I assume that the dictionary file was automatically generated using certain conversion algorithms. However, for many words better phoneme equivalents could be found with a little effort.
(see also Help with German? - akStudio の #4)

Unfortunately, it is quite tedious to manually edit existing terms in the dictionary as there is no search function for them.
When you enter a term in the Word field, the phoneme built into Synth-V appears and not the replacement phoneme found in the dictionary.


It would be helpful if you could search for specific words in the dictionary

Edit: Maybe this can also be solved using a script?


Personally I’ve gotten into the habit of doing that by creating a note in some empty space of the piano roll and entering the lyric, then copying the phonemes from above it.

There are certainly more streamlined methods that could be implemented, but that’s the best workaround I’m aware of.

A script could probably determine phoneme mappings, but since scripts don’t have access to the dictionary, it would really just be by automating the above method of creating a note, setting the lyric, checking the phonemes, then deleting the note.


My main concern was editing the dictionary so that once a suitable phoneme was found, I would have it immediately available in the future.
To do this, of course, you have to find the entry in the dictionary, you can then edit it in the two fields below, and when you close Synth V, the edited version is automatically saved.

You can of course change the relevant *.json file entry directly using a simple text editor, but you would have to close the app or plugin and restart it every time, which would be very time-consuming, especially with the ENG-GER1.0_EclipsedSounds.json the dictionary.