Where's The Mute And Solo Buttons In The New ARA Version?

I grabbed the new ARA 1.11 Beta 2 and was using it and was quite thrilled about the new capabilities but went to mute the track and was trapped with no MUTE button.

Synth V

This only works via the mute or solo button on the DAW’s audio track.

Then the buttons must still show here but mirror or work in sync with the DAW’s MUTE and SOLO buttons or else tell the user to get out of Synth V to MUTE or SOLO this track. In other words don’t make them guess.

That’s what I would have expected.

You know I got to thinking about the response from akStudio and he’s indicating just go out of Synth V and hit the SOLO or MUTE button. If you really look at it that’s saying MUTE or SOLO Synth V as a whole. That means turn on/off every track inside Synth V just for MUTE aspect. That’s not what I originally wanted to do. I wanted to just MUTE the ARA track and listen to the other tracks inside Synth V without the idea of muting all the tracks.

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The ARA extension has further limitations: it lacks the mixer elements (Vol / Pan), not only MUTE or SOLO, and there is only one audio output, so that all Voices / tracks contained in the extension are played back via the same DAW channel (that of the original audio file).

That’s why I would generally prefer to use the normal Synth V plugin if you are working with several voices / tracks at the same time.
However, the notes from the ARA extension cannot be easily copied into the plugin version - copy & paste only works within the ARA extension, but not to another SynthV instance.
But there are still several options.
The easiest way is probably to export the contents of the ARA track as a UST file and then import it into the normal plugin.

No need to export as UST and lose a bunch of information. Just click “Save as” and load the SVP file in the other instance of the plugin.

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That’s a huge downside, like the Melodyne non-Studio versions … thankfully I’m still on 1.10.1

The purpose of working in the ARA plugin with synced tracks is that each track within SynthV Studio is synchronized with one of the DAW tracks. Use the mute/solo buttons in your DAW to mute each track within SynthV Studio.

Muting or soloing a single track within the DAW should only affect the SynthV track that is synced to it, with the exception of the local tracks which output on the same channel. I have tried this in Reaper and with three synced tracks I had no issue muting one at a time via the DAW.

Remember, local tracks in the ARA plugin are just a scratchpad, they are not included in the final render. From the ARA plugin guide provided by Dreamtonics:

Local Tracks are meant to be used as a scratchpad when importing existing projects or from other formats such as MIDI files. During playback audio from all Local Tracks are mixed and routed to the currently selected track in the host, and during bouncing the Local Tracks will be muted.

If the only thing you want from the ARA functionality is the tempo and playhead synchronization, just use the regular VST instrument alongside the ARA bridge instead of using synced tracks.


I think, that might become my standard workflow. The missing playhead sync in 1.10.1 is annoying.

Question about the Beta:

Imagine you rearrange a track, e.g. insert a few new bars. Will that get synched to SynthV?
In 1.10.1 it doesn’t and I have to move all notes manually.

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