Exporting lyrics from Synth V…

Sorry if this is a really stupid question, but how can you export/extract/copy lyrics from Synth V?
I have created lyrics directly in Synth V and want to save them in a text document.

Select all notes [CTRL]-[A], then select the “Insert Lyrics …” command, e.g. by right-clicking, and copy the text from the text box.


Thanks! Not obviously intuitive but it works! :grinning:

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Perhaps something more intuitive is @claire’s script
Copy Lyrics - CopyLyrics.js
with which you can also copy the lyrics of all selected notes to the clipboard and then paste them into a text editor.

By the way, I discovered many more interesting scripts on this site, thank you for that!
svstudio-scripts · SynthV Studio scripts by Claire (claire-west.github.io)

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What I meant by “Not obviously intuitive” was only that you need to select “Insert Lyrics …”. I was looking for something like Copy lyrics, Export lyrics or Extract lyrics. I thought that “Insert lyrics” only meant what is says. But thanks again very useful!
I don’t dare installing any scripts as, acording to Dreamtonics support, certain scrips in the scripts folder can make SynthV totally unstable! That happened to me!

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Do you remember which scripts they are?

Dreamtonics support tried to find the reason why Logic/SynthV would freeze after a just few minutes or sometimes only seconds. I tried everything they suggested to no avail. Then I got this:
“We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience you experienced.
According to our technical support team, there is a bug that some JS scripts may cause compatibility issues among some VST/AU plugins in macOS.
One of the solutions is to delete all the scripts in /Library/Application Support/Dreamtonics/Synthesizer V Studio/scripts and then try to restart the software.”

So I moved the scripts folder to the Desktop and the problems disappered instantly. Haven’t had time to figure out which script or scripts that was causing the freezes. And as you can see they did not give me any clues. Or maybe only a few scripts are JS scripts (whatever that is! :grinning:)

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