Audio output for aspiration

I couldn’t figure out what NONE means for bounce/render/export audio files for the aspiration.

The unofficial manual explains all the aspiration options - except None - which could mean NO aspiration is included/mixed with the vocal audio file (why it says NONE after all) - unlikely, but none is none?

OR - None = Whatever aspiration is in the file/track - stays in the file/track (mixed together as you hear it).

The latter makes the most sense. The name of None for one export option is a bit confusing though, so I wanted to clarify.

“None” means there is no separate aspiration output.

The aspiration is only removed from the main output if you select an “isolated” option from the list.

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Thanks for the fast reply Claire! This is what I figured - just wanted to verify.

“integrated” or “mixed in” might have been less confusing than “none”. “not separated” or “not isolated” is most clear, but pretty long.

“none” is definitely the wrong term, because aspiration is still there, but not separated/isolated.