weina voice diction

I just purchased Weina after having fantastic luck with Hayden in English, but I can’t make Weina sound even close to English diction after trying every combination. Most of the time what I type in english comes in the phentic section above the segment as gobbly stuff with symbols and stuff. What am I missing? Hayden is spectacular. So far Wiena is unusable and quite expensive.

Weina’s native language is Mandarin Chinese. If you want her to sing in English, open the Voice panel and select the correct language.

Bear in mind that cross-lingual synthesis requires the Pro edition.

EXCELLENT! thank you so much

Now that this problem is solved, please report back how you like Weina and how good you can handle pronunciation. She is said to have a Chinese accent.

I’m also interested in Weina, but for that price I would like to avoid disappointments. Too bad, that there’s no Lite version available.

PS: Does anybody know, why Weina is so much more expensive than all other voices.

Weina is more expensive because her production was much higher budget than the typical Dreamtonics voice database.

Adhering to the highest-ever standard of production, recording, and production works for Weina were conducted at Dolby Atmos-certified Ready Steady Sound! and Sound & Vision Media Studio, under the supervision of top-tier producers and a team of professional musicians.

I think Weina and Solaria are comparable regarding quality. So I was astonished, that Weina is even more expensive.

Do you think Weina is the highest quality voice of all, so that the price is justified?

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Weina is now working fine. She is not as good in the upper range as others but if you fnd the correct range she will be fine. However I wish I had purchased a lesser expensive one as I don’t think she’s ‘that’ flexible throughout the ranges. But…I have to write the proper range for ‘her’. Thanks for your help. As I said, I have had spectacular outcomes with Hayden. Hopefull they will track more natural English singers.

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Solaria was made by Eclipsed Sounds, not Dreamtonics, so the pricing was decided differently and the cost of development was certainly very different.

At the time of Solaria’s development, Eclipsed Sounds was just four people trying to get a startup project off the ground while still working their day jobs. As their first project, there was no expectation that they would even turn a profit, so needless to say they weren’t taking home paychecks at that point. However, this did mean that the entire crowdfunding amount was put towards development of a high quality product.

They also couldn’t go too high with the pricetag, because the English market was (and still is) far less accustomed to vocal synths than the Japanese or Chinese markets. Keeping the price tag at least somewhat lower was crucial to getting people to risk trying something unfamiliar – and keep in mind that Solaria was already more expensive than most of the available options at the time.

Weina’s likely “higher quality” if you’re particularly concerned about audio fidelity, but at the end of the day I think most people care more about vocal tone and native pronunciation (even though Weina’s bilingual capabilities are very impressive), and Solaria delivers an extremely versatile tone with pronunciation that fits many people’s needs.

It’s a bit of a non-answer, but it really depends how you measure “quality” in a vocal synth, because people have very widely varying priorities in that regard.

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And I myself with Solaria and Saros … the most versatile of their gender. Worth every Cent.

And Saros is her male counterpart from this perspective … being also extremely versatile.

Yeah, sure … sound quality needs to be good, should be an AI voice and should be pretty versatile.

And that’s why I didn’t buy Weina, but Solaria as my first voice instead: Weina is not an English native (not ideal for a beginner being interested in English voices only) and she doesn’t seem to be that versatile as Solaria, though I like Weina’s voice much more.

I do not see SAROS anywhere.

Saros is currently only sold on the Eclipsed Sounds website:

He’s currently only available from Eclipsed Sounds.

This cover convinced me, that I should buy him:

And here someone used him as a Metal singer … couldn’t believe it :wink:

And this gives a good overview of his vocal modes:

Not bad for (currently) 80 bucks, right? :wink: