Releasing a song using SynthV voices

I have a song which has been accepted for release through a record label. It is my third song on the label, but the first using SynthV voices (previously I sang myself). So, what do I do with artist name/s?

Obviously I want to use my own name so that this song links up with my other songs on the streaming and download platforms. But as this is not my voice, should I add another artist name for the voices (a made-up vocal group name, for example) - or just release under my own name (which is totally true - as I programmed the voices)?

What do other people do?

Each voice database has different terms of use. You can check the license.txt file in the installation directory.

For voices by Dreamtonics, the following terms apply: Terms | Dreamtonics株式会社

In summary:

  • Dreamtonics voice databases are allowed for commercial use, with no need for a separate contract
  • There is no requirement to attribute the software or voice database
  • If you do choose to attribute a voice database, you must use the same name as Dreamtonics does to label the product
    • This can be done by adding the voice database name as a vocalist in the metadata
    • You may not use a fictional vocalist name, for example if you use Hayden you must either not attribute the vocals at all, or attribute them to “Hayden”

Thank you Claire. That is useful to know (ie I should read the terms of use!)

But this doesn’t apply to Lite voices, only to SynthV Studio Pro using a full voice DB … see the remarks HERE regarding Lite voices. Especially note, that commercial use of Lite voices is not allowed.


good information, I’m taking notes

Besides the EULA of the voice databank - keep in mind the political climate and laws on this are a moving target. The current trend seems to be adding warning labels on anything that is AI. Potentially someone might have a fit if they find out it has an undisclosed voice sound thats creation was assisted with AI. Similarly, I wouldn’t use anything (name or credit) that’s purely fake… that’s asking for trouble.

But - is a vocal synth sound really AI - when the words, nuances and music (for original music) are entirely created and input by corporeal beings? I know for a fact that robots partially built my car - but is it an AI car? It’s a fun discussion that will not end soon.

My view - to avoid hassles and “hurt feelings” for tricking people - I decided to credit myself using the tool - something like this - “vocals performed by ______ using Synth V/Natalie/Dreamtonics” - that pretty much covers it. No need to mention AI since AI was not engaged in any part of creating the work. It’s just an advanced synth sound - that’s it! This will also help shield against the anti-AI lunatics.

Just one thought - I’m sure others may differ.

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And it’s worth it to think about it twice, yes.

Keyword: Milli Vanilli … the main issue is fake, not AI.