Solaria (non-AI) has noise on some notes

On some of Solaria’s notes, there seems to be a kind of high-pitched rattle (best I can describe it occurring towards the beginning of the note. I can try to mask it or EQ it out to some extent, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed anything similar and if you know of any fix for it.


There is no “non-AI” version of Solaria, except for a private demo voice used during her crowdfunding campaign.

If you’re referring to the lite version, noise and synthesis artifacts are normal due to the reduced quality of lite voice databases.

If you’re using the full (paid) version of the voice database, make sure the Render Mode in the Voice panel is not set to “Prefer Speed”. This option reduces the quality of the rendered output in order to reduce render times.

Thanks for your informative response. Much appreciated.