Automatic transfer of track parameters to note groups

Up to now, when creating note groups, the previously edited parameters that belong to this area are not automatically transferred to the group.
Although they are still taken into account when playing the original group (since they are at the same place on the track), they are not taken into account for further instances.

This behavior can sometimes make sense, but at other times it can be annoying. If parameters are to become an inherent part of the group, they must be manually cut from the track and inserted into the group at the same location. Since the anchor points of the parameters are usually not on the grid, you have to pay close attention to the time position when inserting them.

Another disadvantage is that you cannot see and edit the track parameters when the group above is active.

It would be desirable if there was an option for group creation as to whether the track parameters belonging to the notes (particularly pitch deviation!) should be transferred to the group or not.

Maybe there is at least a script that simplifies manual cutting and pasting?

There is a short section about it in the unofficial manual, but I have not yet found a simple solution to the problem mentioned.

If you want parameters to be part of the group, select them when grouping the notes.

Right click → Select Parameters for Notes (also present via the Edit menu or via hotkey).

(this clip shows moving the parameters with the notes, but the same applies for grouping them)

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Thanks, that’s probably the best solution.
Maybe this note should be included in the unofficial manual (in the chapter I linked earlier).

Agreed. I already have some improvements related to this in the current draft, which will be published once 1.11.0 is released in a non-beta form (though I have no idea how far away that is).